No Residue Carpet Cleaning

What Is A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

A Professional carpet cleaning is a combination of factors that together deliver professional carpet cleaning results. In order to achieve maximum cleanliness 3 factors should act in sync, heat, agitation and quality of product. Therefore, in order to reach all 3 aspects in the highest level, a proper carpet cleaning product should be applied with professional equipment that will generate heat and agitation as well. Nevertheless, when it comes to carpet cleaning one more factor comes into play and that is extraction. Without proper extraction, the best application of products would not help for the long run. Therefore, a powerful machine is a must in order to remove all residue of products and stain off the carpet. Proper extraction by a carpet cleaning machine is so vital for the success of the carpet cleaning job that we pride ourselves with the name No Residue Carpet Cleaning. Therefore, you know that we leave no harmful products in your carpet.


No Residue Carpet Cleaning Experts Of Orange County.

For over a decade we have served our top rated 5 star carpet cleaning service in Orange County. We are centrally located and therefore can offer immediate response for carpet cleaning around Orange County. Our carpet cleaning crews travel around Orange County every to clean carpet, upholstery, area rugs and air ducts for our valued customers. If you are also interested in joining our revolutionary carpet cleaning family, please contact our office for scheduling.

What Makes No Residue Carpet Cleaning Service Different?

We believe in offering the best carpet cleaning service that we can just as we would like to receive ourselves. Moreover, with out countless years of knowledge and experience we push the bar higher every day in order to provide you not only with the best carpet cleaning service, but also with the best customers service. We like to know that our customers can count on us to be there and help them solve any problem at any time.


Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Orange County:

Our same day carpet cleaning service is one of the things we are truly proud of. We can say that every day we schedule several same day carpet cleaning services in Orange County. Thanks to you, our valued customers, our carpet cleaning techs travel around Orange County every day. Therefore, when you need us last minute for a carpet cleaning service, we can make it work. Whether you have pet stain removal carpet cleaning need, or even water damage on your carpet, we are ready to be there for you when you need us.

Among Our High Demand Services You will Also Find:

Upholstery Cleaning:

Similar to carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning also takes experience to get a proper job done. Have you ever had your sofa cleaned only to realize after it dryer the dirt is back and more than before? Did you ever sit on the sofa after it was cleaned and felt like there is still soap all over it? Did you schedule an upholstery cleaning service in the past and the cleaning did not help what so ever? Well, for these reasons exactly we offer our top rated upholstery cleaning service.


The difference can be clearly seen in the above picture, before and after photo by No Residue Carpet Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

We are rug cleaning experts. We can clean any area rug in your home, or we can pick it up to be cleaned in our facility. We have over 14 years of experience working with wool rugs, silk rugs, persian rugs and more. Having the knowledge of how to approach a specific type of rug is rare. As wool rugs are not all the same and should be approached with different type of products, pressure and method, we have what it takes to give your the best rug cleaning service. In addition, we excel in pet stain removal off rugs. We understand how difficult it is to remove pet stain off natural fiber rugs, however, we have a great record making big improvement in removing pet stains and pet odor off rugs.

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Result can clearly be seen in the above picture, before and after using our product.